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Van Leeuwen Zwanenburg Demolition work

This VLZS division carries out all types of demolition work, excavation and earthworks. We offer a total solution and we can realise every type of demolition work in every sector.

This includes the complete demolition of buildings and structures, renovation demolition, earthworks, soil remediation, concrete drilling and concrete sawing. We work for the construction sector, retail and supermarket chains, the aviation sector, hospitals, maritime and offshore, industry, governments, the education sector, etc. We work cleanly and quickly, using our own modern equipment.

Taking the surroundings into account

When carrying out demolition and remediation work, it is important to take the surroundings into account. Our work focuses on minimising inconvenience and our priorities are the continuity of your business operations, speed and your peace of mind. This also includes fully informing external stakeholders, such as the users of (neighbouring) buildings, employees, but also (semi-) governmental organisations. Good consultation with all the parties involved ensures that the work is completed to everybody’s satisfaction.

Dust-free demolition

All of VLZS’s demolition work is dust-free. Particulate matter is bad for human health. So we opt for particulate-free demolition because particulate matter is carcinogenic and we don’t want our personnel, our customers or the customers of our customers to come in contact with it. We take exposure readings, use state-of-the-art filters on dust extractors that can block particulate matter, install nebulisers in the workplaces, work with tools with dust extractors at the source and provide respiratory protection in case of direct contact.

Innovative in:

  • Demolition work
  • Asbestos removal
  • Soil and water remediation
  • Especially in an operational environment
We are the only contractor with a special Retail Slooptrailer. This trailer has everything you need to completely demolish a retail or business space and make it ready for handover in the shortest possible time.

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Innovative for:

  • Retail / Supermarket chains
  • Construction / Project developers / Industry
  • Aviation / Maritime & Offshore
  • Healthcare / Governments / Non-Profit
  • Cultural heritage / Special structures
  • Financial and Legal Institutions
  • Infrastructure

Van Leeuwen Zwanenburg

Sloopwerken B.V. /// Total Care Demolition - Total demolition
Facilities B.V. /// Total Care Removal and remediation of asbestos

Visiting address:
Venenweg 6
1161 AK Zwanenburg
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Mailing address:
Postbus 50
1160 AB Zwanenburg